Desk Concept

The Outcome

The first chance we got, the duke he had some show bills printed; and after that, for two or three days as we floated along, the raft was a most uncommon lively place, for there warn’t nothing but sword-fighting and rehearsing — as the duke called it — going on all the time.

Brand Identity

A monolithic, mother brand identity enables us to house and communicate brand architecture with ease and showcase their products with elegant restraint. Fluid extension to the product categories of carpet, vinyl and artificial grass, is now possible – eliminating barriers that previously stifled their brand communication.

Art Direction

In contrast to their earlier photography, we sought to hero the flooring products by disconnecting them from native settings. Deconstructed sets, disruptive product display and bespoke props result in an artful expression of Sky Agency efforts to elevate the floorscape.

Images: Igor Sirotov